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I work mainly on data protection / privacy and other data-related issues, particularly security and international transfers, including in the context of cloud computing (all flavours). However, I'm fascinated by most of the legal issues thrown up by the Internet, IoT, AI / machine learning, blockchain and other new or emerging technologies. Lawyers and scientists/technologists tend to take very different approaches to technology and technology law, partly because of differences in mindsets/culture, and partly because unanticipated communications gaps may arise from their sometimes using the same words for different concepts, and different words for the same concepts. I would very much like to help to bridge that divide and to encourage a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach to both technology and law, including law-making. I am also passionate about bridging the divide between theory and practice that can occur too often in law.

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Email: send email to my first initial only (not surname) at this domain name
Blog: http://blog.kuan0.com
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I'm a high mezzo, and sing second soprano with choral and opera groups such as the BBC Symphony Chorus and London Symphony Chorus. My zenith being Annina in Verdi's La Traviata with Hampstead Garden Opera, and most of the Woman 1 numbers in Sondheim's Side by Side with All Star Productions. Two left feet and an inability to pick up choreographed dancing as quickly as it's demonstrated mean that I no longer attempt any musicals! Some of my pop/rock songs are on iTunes. I am hoping to return to my pop/rock roots on vocals/guitar/keyboards someday.

According to family lore, and my surname in Chinese 韓, and a copy of a handwritten book that my grandfather took with him when he left China about 100 years ago, I'm directly descended from Han Dynasty general Han Xin - a great military strategist who was even a king for a year. I'm not sure how that's possible, as according to the public histories his entire family was executed when he was. But if anyone has a copy of a similar book (sadly my father lost my grandfather's copy), or knows of any great escapes that weren't recorded in the public histories, I'd love to hear all about it!

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